Mark and Kirsy's visit to the Bay Area 2003


Note to everyone: Any pictures depicting Kirsty smoking are an illusion. It did not happen.


On the beach at Santa Cruz

I have no idea what that burning white stick in Kirsty's hand is

I have no idea what Kirsty is doing with that stick marked 'Marlboro Lights'

Bridge from 'The Lost Boys'

This is the bridge that Kiefer Sutherland and co. jump from in the film.

Kirsty drinking an exotic potion

She punched the waitress until she got given another. Witness the smug look of satisfaction on her face.

On the Bay Area cruise where the weather could only be described as 'robust', much like my language.

Mark races up while Kirsty opts to take her time

Mark pouring out some beverages for the evening showing of 'South Park'

The Boys from Batley