British Drinking Rampage 2

The photo hall of shame from the second British Drinking Rampage on the 1st of November 2003 at Vesuvio's in San Francisco. Witness the carnage! Marvel at the debauchery!!  Fear a repeat performance!!!


Buddy chills before the nights intoxication begins

Ashley calibrates the camera

Buddy starts drinking a pint

Buddy after one, yes one, pint. Canadians eh?

The Z-Axis boys

Kickin' it on the west sieeedah!

Me, drunk.

Me still drunk.

Fuck me, was I really doing that?

Buddy explains why he's wanted in twelve star systems.

Buddy admires my sausage as I hold it up for public display.

Priamos is not holding back on the liquor.


Ashley's respone to the latest economic policy of the Bush administration.

Sir Steven Yuen

Getting more and more drunk....

I am so giving up drinking....

Reflections on another well spent year. At a kebab house.

Buddy still out for the count at the kebab house

"This ain't no doner kebab", shouts Paul, before getting up and smacking the waiter.

The waiter, now crying, fetches a proper doner with chilli sauce.

You want to fight?? You want a piece of me?! Do you? Do you? Huh? Huh?!